“I just found out that  my spouse has been snorting Oxycotin for approximately 1 year. He says he has been doing 3 to 4 80 mg pills a day for 5 months. What kind of help does he need?  Is that a lot?”

That is a lot of Oxy. Your spouse is addicted and needs professional help. It is extremely difficult to detox and remain abstinent from any opiate drug on one’s own.

The best course of treatment would be clinical detox, followed by inpatient treatment and then aftercare — along with a 12-step program such as NA for support. This is the course that is most likely to work. If you do not have insurance to cover detox and treatment, check with your local mental health society for resources in your area. As a last resort, short-term detox with Suboxone and support from Narcotics Anonymous is an option.  Avoid methadone treatment; it only switches one addiction for another, and it is more difficult to get off methadone than oxycodone.

You must also understand that the problem will only get worse with time. Promises to “quit after the holidays, after (whatever)” mean nothing. The only meaningful action your spouse can take is to get help. Period. Everything else is blowing smoke to protect his addiction.

For yourself: Nar-Anon* or Alanon, to learn more about the disease of addiction and how to keep from being further enveloped in the madness. You must take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else.


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