A study to be published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence indicates that both men and women profit from participation in AA (and, presumably, other recovery programs) if committed to their recovery, but that some of the beneficial effects tend to occur in different areas.

According to John F. Kelly, PhD, associate director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Addiction Medicine:

“These differences may reflect differing recovery challenges related to gender-based social roles and the contexts in which drinking is likely to occur.”

According to the study findings, women seem to gain confidence and support in being able to avoid drinking as a reaction to unhappiness and depression. Men, on the other hand, seem to benefit from changes in social situations, i.e., the pressures associated with old “people, places and things.”

More information is available in this article from Science Daily.

What single aspect of your program do you believe had the most effect on your successes?

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