Problems with the so-called religious aspects of the 12-Step programs seem to crop up all the time, especially with folks new to recovery from drug addiction, alcoholism or other addiction.  They seem sometimes to be related to very specific views about God, and other times to an unwillingness to believe.  In either case, they have been a stumbling block for many people who find themselves exposed to the concept of “God as we understood him” when they first explore support groups.

That’s too bad because, as Chaz says in this excellent entry from his blog, Chaz Recovering, it isn’t really all that complicated.  In fact, it’s more like an excuse not to get involved than a real reason.

Do any two Christians, Muslims, or Jews understand God the exact same way?  What about our various denominations, sects, and cultures of any major faith?  Do they not all have very distinct view of what they presume to be the same God?  Are there not members of major faith systems who profess the same God yet some feel God is a God of violence while others feel God is a God of peace and kindness?  Clearly a difference in understanding.

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And, I might add, if you don’t believe at all, we have room for that, too.  No excuse here.

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