Addiction Does Not Discriminate.

The descriptions and circumstances are ever-changing as you look around the room. Despite the differing backgrounds, experiences, and ages, each of these individuals have something in common.
Addiction is complicating their life. Some still are holding down their job, some are still happy in their relationships, while some have nothing left, and others are losing grip on things they care about.

Am I Addicted To Opioids?

Do you find yourself taking more Opioid pain medication than what you are prescribed? Do you check the clock frequently, hoping it is time for your next dose? Are you running out of medication before your next refill? Are beginning to feel the medication is losing its effectiveness and you need more and more just to feel okay? Have you ever purchased an opioid illegally or gotten some from a friend in a time of need?

Self-Care in Battling PAWS (Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome)

My favorite group to do with our patients is on Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS). If you are new to this acronym, PAWS refers to the random cravings, dreams, mood swings, body aches, sweats, and other symptoms that come a few weeks after the initial withdrawal and detox – and they can keep coming up to …

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The Effects of Alcohol Use on Relationships

When someone with an alcohol problem is on the exaggeration side of low frustration tolerance, then all the expression occurs – and this is different from that flat, calm, expressing little way of acting. Not being able to handle what one formerly did, having that “low frustration tolerance” type of day, can mean a lot of emotion is coming out. And family, friends, etc are confused and affected by this.

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