Long Island Plagued by Fentanyl Deaths

Fentanyl is a very powerful drug, normally only used in terminal cases of severe pain, where the patient is expected to die and needs pain relief. These days fentanyl is a regular news topic. It’s killing people.

Long Island has set a new record of 220 overdose deaths involving fentanyl in 2016 alone.

Back in 2014 we highlighted the emerging danger of fentanyl-laced street drugs, as “mass overdoses” started to appear in Pennsylvania and in Nassau County, on Long Island. Someone was mixing fentanyl into street heroin, and people were dying.

By summer of 2015 it was clear this was not a new twist, but a trend. Fake oxycontin pills were showing up containing significant doses of fentanyl. Someone was purposefully manufacturing fentanyl for distribution into the street heroin trade, and users were unaware of the dangers brought with fentanyl.

Soon synthetic carfentanyl, far more powerful than even fentanyl, was found on the market. Where fentanyl is reported to be 100 times more powerful than morphine, carfentanyl was rated at 100x as powerful as fentanyl. Of course, still more people are dying, as these drugs are so overpowering.

When Drug Use leads to Overdose

In large doses, opiates, opioids, and synthetics like carfentanyl suppress the respiratory system. Someone overdosing on these drugs will literally suffocate to death. They shoot up to get high, fall unconscious or asleep, and then suffocate to death. The drug literally shuts down their breathing.

Overdose and Unexpecting Overdose results in Death

Why do so many drug users die from these powerful drugs? One reason is uncontrolled dosage. Your drug dealer may not even know herself what is in the heroin being sold. Dose is altered for profit, over and over, and may even be increased if certain drugs are added by any of the many middlemen, along the way to a sale.

A second reason I see too often these days is the unexpected overdose. Someone coming back to using heroin after a pause may not tolerate the same dose they used to tolerate without any problems. I will write more about this later.

When You’re Ready to Stop, Get Help

Not everyone wants to stop taking drugs. Not everyone addicted to heroin wants to stop. We know that. But after helping over 45,000 people detox from their addictions, we know almost everyone regrets letting it get as far as it did before they sought help.

The first step is a medical detox from the active drugs influencing your decision-making. Call us, schedule a time to come in, and we will help with everything else. In a few days to a week or so, our experienced medical team eliminates the drugs from your system, managing the withdrawal and discomfort as needed, and then weaning you off the meds. It’s the first step to regaining control, so you can stay safe.

If you call Sunrise Detox you tap into a network of professionals who understand where you are, where you’ve been, and where you are headed. Each detox center is designed specifically for detox off drugs and alcohol, preparing you for whatever rehab or outpatient aftercare is appropriate.

When you’re ready, call us 888-443-3869 and we will immediately start helping you.

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