We have an exciting week coming up at Sunrise Detox.  On Tuesday and Wednesday we have the Open House at our Ft. Lauderdale facility.  It’s located in northeast Ft. Lauderdale, near Federal Highway, convenient to Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and about 30 minutes from the Miami airport.  This new location will allow us to serve facilities in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties more efficiently, and the additional beds in our system will substantially increase the number of folks we’re able to help.

During the same period, we’re having a site visit from the Joint Commission (formerly JCAHO) at Lake Worth.  The Commission is the accrediting body for medical facilities, and we  expect re-accreditation this year with no problems.  Nonetheless, site visits are a busy time for staff, especially given the simultaneous Open House. Everyone will be relieved when the excitement is over and we can get back into our routine of helping our clients without distractions.

And, of course, tomorrow is Mother’s Day. If you’re a Mom, congratulations, and we hope you have a wonderful day! 

Whether our moms were our staunchest support, or maybe not so much, they’re the reason we’re here.  If we’re in recovery — or trying to get there — we must be OK with that.  Let’s be thankful for her, regardless of what our relationships were like.  She did the best she could, the same as we are — one day at a time.

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