We are used to hearing the phrase “deadly in high doses”. Many drugs can be deadly in high doses. Now we are seeing something new : deadly in SMALL doses.

The powerful drug fentanyl, another man-made opioid like oxycontin (oxycodone) and hydrocodone, is showing up on the streets. It is pressed into pills similar to oxycodone, colored to look like common painkillers, and of course mixed into street drugs like heroin. Fentanyl is deadly in small doses. Even a small amount of the powder can kill even an experience opioid or heroin user accustomed to high doses of opiates/painkillers.

Dangerous mixtures of drugs like fentanyl are killing quickly in New Jersey these days. Last year New Jersey suffered sudden deaths from Newark to Cape May, as drug dealers experimented with poly drug formulas they then sold as heroin, or marketed as a replacement for increasingly expensive pain pills.

Prescription painkillers are commonly abused these days, which can lead to addiction. Even regular folks who never used drugs recreationally are finding themselves “dependent” on these opioids. Many are coming into detox centers in NJ reporting that a few pills per day became several and then 7 or 8 per day, before they ran out of supply and realized they had a dependency problem.

Opioids don’t want to let you go. If you become dependent, and try to stop, your body will urge you to continue taking the drugs. The withdrawal sickness that comes after stopping the drug is often enough to make one return to the drug, just to not-feel-sick. With high doses, the withdrawal sickness can be so severe that injecting heroin doesn’t seem like such a bad idea – if it makes the sickness go away.

That’s how heroin addiction works these days. And New Jersey now has a heroin epidemic on its hands.

Medical Detox is the first step in addressing a painkiller addiction. The medical detox process manages the withdrawal sickness for you, while the rest of the detox process supports someone getting clear of the drugs and into the proper path for recovering from the addiction. Addiction wreaks havoc with family, personal, and professional lives. Addicts need help.

In a top-tier medical detox facility like Sunrise Detox Toms RiverSunrise Detox Cherry Hill, or Sunrise Detox Stirling/Long Hill, the “Detox with Dignity” program focuses on eliminating the influence of the drug and withdrawal sickness, while providing concierge-like customer service, and a comfortable and supportive environment with around-the-clock medical care certified addiction counselors at every step of the way.

The best way to start is with a Detox with Dignity, where counselors help customize an individualized treatment plan which can include rehab, counseling, local outpatient treatment, with medical and psychological support as appropriate.

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