We recently conducted some quick finger math and determined that Sunrise Detox has detoxed over 6,500 people in the past 2 years. We’ve detoxed over 15,000 people since we started. In just the first 2 months after opening this summer, our Ft. Lauderdale detox facility safely detoxed over 200 people in comfort.

We continue to work hard to deliver quality premium detox services to those needing substance abuse treatment in Florida and New Jersey. A look at the recent posts by two of our bloggers suggests why medical detox is so necessary today. On their blogs hosted on this site, both Bill W. and John M. have independently recounted recent experiences where powerful pain killers were offered to them for relatively minor pains, especially when you consider the risks associated with those medications.

In Pain in Recovery, Bill W. notes that a recent issue with dental pain led him to use pain relievers while waiting to see the dentist.  He had the option to take powerful prescription pain killers, legally and seemingly appropriately. He opted not to, and discusses how something as normal as a dental problem could have derailed someone in early recovery from substance abuse:

“Alcoholics and addicts are, almost by definition, folks who don’t know that it’s okay to not feel okay… When I was active in my addictions, I saw every potential malady as a source of drugs or an excuse to hole up and drink… I never had a problem that required heavy duty painkillers, or I would likely have been able to add that to my list of addictions.” -Bill W. (read Bill’s story here)

Separately, John M. in New Jersey recounts his recent experience at a restaurant near Atlantic City, NJ. A a server recommended he consider the powerful (and addictive) pain medication Oxycontin for his leg discomfort. The ensuing conversation revealed just how dangerous our acceptance of these powerful medications can be. John quickly learned the server had herself been addicted to pain killers. From The Reality of Addiction All Around Us:

“This young woman spoke of Oxycontin as innocently as a Tylenol… When I told her I worked for Sunrise Detox Center and was attending a fundraiser to support a local foundation for treatment, her jaw hit the floor…She confided in me that she had had an addiction problem at one time with Oxycontin.”

Two recent stories of powerful prescription painkillers offered as solutions to not-so-serious pain, by two addiction professionals who know too well the risks associated with powerful opioids. With Sunrise Detox passing the 6,500 count for detoxed patients in just the past 24 months, this is clearly an issue worthy of more attention.

Read John M. The Reality of Addiction All Around Us and Bill W. Pain In Recovery.

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