This past Saturday night a bunch of us gathered at Johnny Brown’s in Delray Beach to enjoy a little rock ‘n’ roll. Sassy Levy, an intake specialist at Sunrise Detox Lake Worth, was performing with a sober rock group called Johnny B. and the Road Dogs.   JB+RD is comprised of Johnny B. on vocals, backed up by a bitchin’ trio of lead guitar, bass and drums.  And, of course Sassy.

Sassy belts one out at Johnny Brown’s, Delray Beach

Michele and I were there, along with Sassy’s dad Ira, her mom Bobbi, brother Ross and a bevy of friends from Sunrise and elsewhere.  We had a great meal (the food at Johnny Brown’s is fantastic!) and then settled in for some good ol’ R&R — and I don’t mean rest and recreation.  That music kept you moving! This group does the old hard rockin’ stuff: early Bob Seger, Eagles and — of course — Skynyrd, and they put on a helluva show.  Sassy’s a long, lean model type, not the sort you’d pick as a rocker, but you oughta hear that girl get down on “Sweet Home Alabama” — YEE-haw!   I said that, in fact.  Several times.

It was a fantastic evening.  Haven’t had a good time like that in waaaaay too long.

You can have a lot of fun sober.

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