The Holidays 

Kevin Biemuller Today is January 4th, 2022, the holidays have passed, and I remember everything. Life was not always this way. For twenty years I believed the lies told to me by drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol told me I needed them to be present with my family during the holidays.Lies.Drugs and alcohol told me I would enjoy the holidays under their influence. Lies.Drugs and alcohol told me they would take me to places unknown and exciting for New Year, this rarely happened, and when it did, no memories remain. This story is not unique, as addicts have all experienced the pain of lost holidays. We have been left stunned and confused by the lies told by drugs and alcohol. We have woke up on January 1st scared to face friends and family wondering who we owe an apology to. The holidays do not need to be this way.

Think about these words, sobriety gave me everything drugs and alcohol promised me. Today I think about these words often, especially during the holidays. In sobriety I get to spend holiday moments with family, I get to travel freely without restriction for NewYears.In sobriety I get to do the things, I enjoy unapologetically and without worry. For years simple pleasures eluded me due to the lies told by drugs and alcohol. If you are struggling with drugs or alcohol, please think about these words, sobriety has given me everything drugs and alcohol promised me

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