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Drug addiction is the repeated, uncontrollable use of substances like alcohol, prescription, or street drugs such as stimulants, Fentanyl, cocaine, and other harmful substances, despite their physical and mental adverse effect on a person. When these substances are abused over time, a person develops a dependency that makes it impossible to stop without medical help. This happens because of the long-term effects drug use creates on the sections of the brain involved with memory, reward and motivation, and control over behavior. Drug addiction is a chronic disease that must be treated medically to help patients who want to stop using. The Millbury Sunrise Detox center offers an effective detox program that allows an individual to stop using drugs, and enter a drug-free life, to be a responsible and productive member of society.

We offer an inpatient drug addiction treatment with medical professionals who work with the individual and provide the specific protocol treatment that works for the patient. As a result, the Millbury Sunrise Detox facility accomplishes a successful rehabilitative treatment with therapy and medicine that help a person regain normal brain behavior while reducing urges and withdrawals.

Our success is due to the personalized treatment given to each individual for their specific needs, and this way, reducing the chance of relapse. Sunrise Detox at Millbury offers treatments that combine detox, therapy, medications, and care to help an individual achieve recovery.

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Millbury Sunrise Detox Center

The Millbury Sunrise Detox facility offers therapy and medication to counteract withdrawal symptoms while you detox, evaluation and treatment protocol for anxiety and depression, and follow up care to avoid relapsing after a patient has completed drug detox. The Sunrise Detox network has drug addiction treatment facilities throughout the nation. This means we are always near to help you recover your health, and your life.
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