Family, friends, co-workers, or neighbors of a person struggling with alcohol, drug, or other types of addictions, sometimes initiate a confrontation with the person to get them to improve their quality of life. This is called an intervention, and it essentially interferes with a process, in this case, the process of continued dependency on harmful substances and activities.

An intervention involves a structured discussion with the aim to get a person suffering from addiction to understand they are harming themselves and others who love them and will support their efforts to change their lives.

Sunrise Detox at Millbury offers intervention services conducted by trained and knowledgeable clinicians who can help carry out a smooth discussion process with a positive result. During this meeting, an interventionist will explain to the person how their destructive behavior has affected their family and friends, and each member of the intervention group may speak of specific instances that indicate there is a need for addiction treatment, or they may give an ultimatum that requires the person to choose treatment or face inevitable consequences.

There are people who feel it is best to let a person “crash and learn,” or “hit rock bottom,” on their own, however, successful drug and alcohol interventions have proven that after an addicted person hears loved ones speak about how they feel, they are inclined to accept treatment willingly. In the cases where addiction intervention is not successful, what must follow is an enforcement of consequences. Studies show that professional intervention carried out correctly has a 91% of successfully getting a person into an addiction treatment program. For an intervention to have the most chances of success, all close family members must put aside any differences and come together for the sole purpose of helping a loved but lost member of their family unit. The interventionists of the Millbury Sunrise Detox are not just professionally accredited and trained; they are also excellent communicators, compassionate, and skilled at bringing families together to help one of their own.


The goal of the Millbury Sunrise Detox intervention services is to help bring together families committed to helping a loved one recover from substance use disorder (SUD), alcoholism, and co-occurring disorders. If you or anyone you know can benefit from our intervention services, contact Sunrise Detox at Millbury now, and one of our professional medical staff will be ready to assist.

Consequences of not intervening


Millbury Sunrise Detox is committed to helping people recover from substance use disorder (SUD), alcoholism, and co-occurring disorders. If you or anyone you know needs treatment for addiction, please contact Sunrise Detox now, and our professional medical staff will be ready to assist you.

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